Health insurance for Millennials What do they look for and what advantages do they get?

Of the 7,655 million people that populate the earth a total of 2,322 million or what is the same, 30% of the world’s population is between the ages of 20 and 40. Those born between the decades of 1980 and 2000 have developed a good part of their life or totality, something that occurs in the group of the youngest, in a digital environment. This implies that the last group, millennials, value aspects such as immediacy in their daily actions, are more demanding, are continuously connected and have a wider social life that grows thanks to networks, applications and tools.

All these characteristics are reflected in the products and services that millennials buy or hire. Some demands that do not accept classic products and services, but look for those that adapt to their characteristics.

What does a millennial look for in health insurance?


Around the characteristic that defines a millennial above the rest, its great knowledge and management of the new digital technologies, are the products and services that the youngest look for. They live connected to the network and carry out most of their procedures electronically and that is why it is important that all their procedures are online, something they can find in their Good Finance health insurance , from their hiring to the vast majority of usual procedures.

Finding the medical service you need

Finding the medical service you need

If the hiring process is simple, it is also simple in your daily management. From your computer, tablet or your mobile, you can find the medical service you want among the 37,000 specialists and 1,000 clinics that Good Finance makes available to its customers. But this advantage is not left alone when it comes to finding the medical service you need, more and more professionals and medical centers allow you to not only make an appointment online but also manage them. In many cases you will not only receive reminders of your appointments, you can even include them with a single click on your agenda management program on your computer or mobile phone and modify them if necessary.

Make the deposit in his bank account


And if what you are looking for in a millennial in your health insurance is the greatest flexibility, with Good Finance Health Refund you will have it. In addition to the medical services included in the medical chart of Good Finance you can choose any professional in Spain and abroad. Good Finance will reimburse 80% of what he paid for his services in a fast and agile procedure in which he only has to send the invoice of his services to the insurer so that later he proceeds to make the deposit in his bank account.

In addition, thanks to the Good Finance Customer Area you will always carry your policy with you. With just entering it from your computer or mobile you can review it, modify it and enjoy all its advantages. And if you need Good Finance’s customer service you will have his telephone service line available.

In short, a complete product in the needs of the most demanding client but simple and easy to manage so that a millennial can take advantage of all the advantages offered by health insurance.

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