Your credit card has secret charges, did you already know?

Was your credit card approved? Surely you got excited and ran to use it for the first time. Is this your case? Well, although a card can get you out of trouble you should remember that this is not a toy. And is that if you buy something or buy a service with it, to pay it in installments, you will have to pay extra expenses such as bank commissions .

The commissions are the “clearest” charge they make for your consumption with a card, but they are not the only ones. To help you avoid personal finances , in this note I show you what are the secret charges of your credit card . Pay attention!

Interest rates that increase

Interest rates that increase

When you take out a card, if you paid attention, you should remember that the sales advisor told you that there was a fixed amount of interest that would be charged for consumption. Well, the fixed amount is not as fixed and in the fine print of your contract it says so. Interest rates may vary from time to time, they are charged in each transaction you make and also when they are modified they will not notify you of new changes.

Interest when you don’t pay your debt


Here you must be careful and if you do not delay your payments you will not have problems with them. If you get late, you will have an additional cost for late payment. Interest is a percentage of the minimum monthly amount and as you see it is variable.

Beware of months without interest

Beware of months without interest

Sure you have heard of the interest-free months that many banks offer for having your credit with them. Well, these can be a great help, but look carefully to read the exact number of days they cover. If you don’t know it in detail, the interests will start to run without you knowing it.

The best thing you can do to avoid falling and end up paying interest that you did not expect is to check your credit card contract well. Avoid the surprise, check what you sign.

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